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It not true

It not true that consumers would see new taxes right away. The Internet Tax Freedom Act bans taxes on Internet access, although that bill expires in October. While Congress is expected to renew that legislation, it conceivable that states could eventually push Congress for the ability to tax Internet service now that it has been […]

The strip in

The strip in question featured a mythical contract negotiation between Steve Largent, representing Jim Zorn, and Snyder’s management team. The debated line crossing segment had Largent saying all time spent on the Redskins is “garbage time.” Forget fairness. I’m more concerned that the strip didn’t cross the line from unfunny to funny, yet clearly did […]

Law enforcement in Hamilton

Thankfully it much, much better than that and, regardless of the mode you in, the handling is assured and confidence building. The steering is communicative and direct and the chassis responds well to changes in direction with very little fuss. There is a bit of body roll, but it remains reasonably sure footed enough when […]

the money got a step closer

What is more striking, however, is how superior the balance sheets of emerging markets are to those of developed markets. For those who remember the tumultuous decades of the 1980s and 1990s when emerging markets were plunged periodically into crisis by fiscal or current account imbalances, this is a remarkable turnaround. While there are pockets […]

The crowd continued to stare at the

The crowd continued to stare at the set and began to mad dog one another. Right or wrong I imagined they were looking for anyone who might be a Mayweather fan. Pack of Marlboros in hand, That was the cue to leave. They didn’t impose this win now mode on themselves; time did it to […]

But that has

kia brace for weakest growth in decade But that has not prevented the launch of a number of online group buying websites. The premise behind such websites offering vouchers for a discount on a product or service if there are enough willing buyers has struck a chord with shoppers here. Now, it is a race […]

Northumberland devotees say

Northumberland devotees say Cobourg residents Shannon Siblock and Fred Brock recall the ’90s as the Dark Age of Vinyl, when people were actually throwing away their record collections. Now, they are proud to say vinyl lives. And they will be celebrating March 20 at an event they hope will become a regular thing for Cobourg, […]

Northrop Grumman aims for a big hit with lunar satellite

Northrop Grumman aims for a big hit with lunar satellite Timeline for manned moon bases NASA uses Antarctica to test moon gear Check out latest NASA newsNASA’s plan to establish permanent manned bases on the moon may hinge on the results of a “suicide mission” by a spacecraft that resembles a 6 foot diameter sewer […]


Though the two companies split in 1999, GM is still Delphi’s largest customer. As the auto giant saw its share of cars sold decrease, so did its need for parts. GM’s declining market share was one of several things cited by company leaders as problems before filing. Here’s one that I’m sort of thrilled about […]

Central banks

Central banks have direct control only over short term rates, such as those charged to financial institutions that keep overnight deposits on central bank books. But trimming short term rates tends to ripple through the economy, causing a drop in long term rates that are governed by supply and demand. In part, that’s because long […]