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Apparently nobody in Ann Arbor is aware of what goes on in their own city. Firstly, the tracks that are being patrolled by the railroad police are the ones that the Amtrak trains use to Chicago. Air Jordan 3 When everyone is referring to the tracks near Michigan Stadium, those are owned by the Ann […]

HD Buttercup

MIKE: MORE SPECIFICALLY, YOU MENTIONED THE LAND SALE. BUT WHAT ELSE ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? SENATOR LARSON: YO ARE COMING OUT THE CHECKS AND BALANCE AND LOCAL DEMOCRACY. THAT IS WHAT I MEAN. In addition to that, Keen says you should change your filters in your home. You want to do that after winter and […]

notes Christina

I’d put the price of the homegoods about on par with what you might expect to pay for a similar item at a place like Target or Kohl’s. My wife purchased a medium size serving platter for about $24. The matching dinner plates were $6 each, but we passed because we couldn’t find 12 for […]