The Monica Lewinsky affair was not

The Monica Lewinsky affair was not just about sex, as even feminists often said on his behalf, although he did take advantage of this subordinate half his age by enjoying oral sex in the Oval Office. The affair was also about lying, obstruction of justice, perjury and disgracing the presidency. Clinton is charming and smart and a moral mess who is now his wife’s top surrogate on the campaign trail and will play an important role in the administration if she is elected..

For those with bottomless pockets and a desire to show off there’s the G Hotel Bar (formerly the Missoni) and a short skip further down George IV Bridge brings you to the self assured Villager and impressive looking newcomer Sligh House, the totally overhauled successor to Bar Kohl. Along some of the other tributaries of the High Street you’ll find the upmarket decadence of Monteith’s, the well crafted whisky cocktails of Michael Neave’s and the industrial chic of The Devil’s Advocate. But if you can successfully manoeuver through the boisterous Grassmarket then respite can be found in the colonial dcor of Dragonfly..

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