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Fotografía de viajes. Tina Bagué, Toru Morimoto y Rafa Pérez en la 7ª edición de Caja Azul

El viaje de un fotógrafo es algo más que una visita para llenar el anecdotario personal. Es un hecho que comienza antes de partir y se organiza cuidadosamente. Los parámetros fotográficos se mezclan con los geográficos y su complejidad aumenta. La necesidad de vivir en inmersión con la forma de vida ajena obliga a plantearnos […]

Knew Rick socially for quite some

Knew Rick socially for quite some time and when the idea to work alongside Rick came up, the band collectively said, yeah! His self described role was not to ZZ Top, rather Rick wanted the band to work within a zone of comfort. It was a totally simpatico approach. Rick fit right into the ZZ […]

Rumors swirled

kfc will deliver buckets of chicken to your door Rumors swirled before the filing that Delphi was headed to Chapter 11. The former GM parts division, spun off in 1999, was losing money and losing it quickly. It entered into last ditch negotiations with the UAW and GM to attempt to forge a new labor […]

Northstate health officials awaiting flu outbreak

Northstate health officials awaiting flu outbreak REDDING, Calif. Flu season is getting worse, and health officials say the outbreak could peak this month. That is what the Centers for Disease Control is reporting in much of the country. The flu is widespread in 43 states and flu activity is listed as ‘intense’ in most of […]

By Stephen Cadogan

Northern Ireland beef prices dragged down By Stephen Cadogan Cheap cattle south of the border are one of three major reasons why far mers in Northern Ireland get 14p/kg less for beef cattle than their colleagues in mainland Britain. According to an cheap jerseys investigation by Oxford Economics of the price differential, the availability of […]