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This new version of the famous Maestro Fusion make up offers a completely fresh sensation to wearing foundation. Unlike its predecessor, Maestro Glow contains no water, instead made up of a high concentration of oils which separate the formula, so be sure to give it a good shake before you use it. The oils work to leave the skin feeling highly nourished with an immediate moisturising effect and also work to improve overall skin tone with continued use. cheap oakley sunglasses

Once, I was sitting in leathers in the ER, restrained to a hospital bed with a security guard outside my door. I was reading a book, but it was impossible to turn the pages with just one hand. I slipped out one hand to turn the pages, then sneaked back into the cuffs and played dumb when the nurse came in.

However, as someone who regularly checks competition cards at my club, I urge you to do so; it makes life so much easier for us scorers. Surprisingly, there is no Rule making it mandatory for the competition date to be recorded on the card, but I recommend that it is, to avoid confusion. A card may be marked by more than one person provided that each signs for the part of the round for which they are responsible..

The bulk of the retrieved documents are from Philip Morris Tobacco Company, the maker of Virginia Slims; we included documents from other tobacco companies when they addressed competition with Virginia Slims. We focused especially on internal strategic planning, brand plans, market share, and other marketing research that guided campaign development. Common themes were identified and discussed; differences were resolved primarily by gathering additional data (for example, if two conflicting documents were found, other documents were retrieved in an effort to find support for one of the two documents).Virginia Slims: early history and overview of the brandA 1967 PM presentation on Virginia Slims notes that women had been an important part of the cigarette market since Lucky Strike’s “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet” campaign in the 1920s, but despite several prior attempts, no cigarette made exclusively for women had yet found success.8 A 1969 PM memo states that before the 1960s, although the proportion of female smokers was growing, advertising had been aimed mainly at men with women constituting an incidental part of the campaign.9 The cigarette product that was marketed as Virginia Slims was inspired by American Tobacco Company’s Silva Thins, the first thin cigarette on the market in 1967, which was not targeted to women.10 12 The Leo Burnett Agency, PM’s primary advertising consultant, which was “working on the idea of a women’s cigarette” for them, seized on the observation that “women saw a style feature to the slim length” to develop the Virginia Slims campaign.9,10,13 A 1969 memo from Edward J Gray, director of marketing research for PM International, to Milton L Rusk, director of marketing for PM International,14 explains that Silva Thins and Virginia Slims were developed with a specific market segment in mind:[T]he concept for a consumer segment did precede the development of the reduced diameter cigaretteresearch and creativity worked together for both Silva Thins and Virginia Slims.

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