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9) Ads o high ranking sites

9) Ads o high ranking sites ” Similar to classifieds there are many websites that offer space for people to place ads. You can usually get an ad for a very good price. Just search for websites o your topic and if they offer ad space then ask them about it. For centuries, chocolate has […]

Kriseman said the $14 million fig

Kriseman said the $14 million figure would be his maximum request, and it would come from money that was earmarked to build an intermodal transportation center for light rail and buses. But that project is no longer needed. It was part of the failed Greenlight Pinellas referendum that was voted down in 2014.. Army Air […]

“Coal is important to Wyomin

“Coal is important to Wyoming,” Mead said in a news release. “The coal industry and its employees are going through a tough time. We continue to do all we can to assist the workers that need help and training or new employment. You say you want to change the sunshine law for public hospitals because […]

I’m real partial to the charms of

I’m real partial to the charms of neighborhood hangout North bar (however un Googleable it may be). People treat it like their personal living room, myself included, because you can always watch the Blazers, play some pool, and drink a beer while watching crappy ass drivers rocket through the intersection at SE 50th and Division. […]

Finally, for the lactose intoleran

Finally, for the lactose intolerant, the Midwest Dairy Association’s All You Can Drink Milk stand is probably something of a house of horrors. But at $1, the bottomless glass remains one of the Fair’s enduring deals, at least for milk lovers. Only in Minnesota would the lure of 2 percent white and 1 percent chocolate […]

The first surprise is that it’s no

The first surprise is that it’s not too sweet. I expected a sugar bomb, but, of course, the actual dough in a funnel cake isn’t necessarily sweet just the toppings are. And so the funnel burger’snot really all that different from a regular burger. LaNeve reassured investors that Ford won spend more on incentives than […]

that vehicle is going

Like to wave that magnet (to reset the in cab fault indicator) and send the truck right back out on the road, he complains. They haven done a proper job troubleshooting, that vehicle is going to be right back in the shop. Bera, technical guru with Haldex Canada, says if you going to check everything […]

You know the machines I’m talking

You know the machines I’m talking about. They were in essentially every Piggly Wiggly or Kmart store in the world. Still are, as far as I know. Then again, Microsoft has little choice when it competing with cheap and free apps that recognize the Office file format. The company would rather people stick with Office, […]